ClickPlastics AG

The ClickPlastics AG is the specialists for a wide-range of products, from commodities to high-performance polymers.

As the exclusive European Representative for large Asian Plastic Manufacturers, we offer intelligent solutions in plastic.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the plastics industry and is able to offer customers a full range of services - project planning, material selection, tool consulting, mold design, delivery of the material, assistance in processing, and material handling.

We make your vision to our mission
"Your partner for engineering plastics"



In the world of injection molders, original equipment manufacturers, and resin distributors, PolySource is “The Resin Product Knowledge Company”. PolySource provides technically superior solutions, through a knowledgeable sales force, supported by impeccable customer service, while delivering a quality product designed for customer-specific needs. At PolySource, we deliver bulk plastic resins, along with ideas and advice on the best applications for these resins. We want our customers to have the right product, at the right time, for the right molding process which enables them to produce the right component and finished product. Our distribution, warehousing, and consulting solutions provide our customers with a variety of resin products, and the market knowledge and application knowledge for cost-effective and efficient manufacturing.


Guangzhou Skyjoy Chemical

Guangzhou Skyjoy Chemical Company, LTD is a company specializing in the business of plastics and chemicals.

Holding an import and export license in China, and with a branch in Hong Kong, Skyjoy Chemical Company takes pride in serving customers from Asia and around the world. With warehouses located in strategic economic zones, like Shanghai (East China), Guangzhou (South China), and in Hong Kong, Skyjoy is positioned to offer and provide superior customer service.

Skyjoy’s manager, Phil MAO majored in Polymer Science and is a qualified, expert engineer specializing in the international chemical business, with emphasis in the automotive industry.

Under the leadership of Phil, Skyjoy’s staff has the experience to service all customer needs, including those of the largest companies in the world.

Global Engineering Plastics Alliance (GEPA), is a unique partnership that unites the globe by providing engineering plastics resins, compounds, and related technical services, through our global network of distribution companies. We are Globally Connected, Service United. Read more

The concept of GEPA is simple, but effective. Our three established companies, focused on application development and plastics distribution have partnered to serve Europe, NAFTA, and Asia. Click Plastics (Germany), PolySource (United States), and Skyjoy (China & Hong Kong) all share similar core values, synergy, and approach to the industry. Our alliance provides to customers this consistency in service, to all plastic businesses across the globe.

GEPA believes in identifying customer needs, then developing a plan to satisfy those needs. We are more than a distributor. We excel at, and put emphasis on application development, part design, tool design, custom formulations, technical service, warehousing, and logistics. Superior customer service and support provided to you at no additional costs.

Our businesses are becoming more global. It is a necessity to have a worldwide plastics network to fulfill the needs and requirements of global businesses. We understand that the plastics industry is too competitive for our customers to incur additional costs. Through our cooperative, we are able to provide unrivaled advantages to all OEM’s and molders.

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