ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate)

ASA is a high impact resistant terpolymer (copolymer from three types of monomer units).  It has similar properties to ABS, but has a higher weather resistance. 

During the packaging process for individual applications, the appropriate additives will be incorporated into the polymer matrix (for example, UV-stabilizers, antioxidants, and lubricants).  


ASA produces high-quality, glossy, scratch-resistant surfaces (transparent surfaces are also possible).  Through the use of matting agents or through the generation of larger acrylic phases, matt surfaces are also possible.   

ASA has an excellent chemical resistance due to the high polarity of acrylic components (in comparison to polybutadiene components found within ABS).  The material demonstrates high resistance towards aqueous mediums, including diluted acids and alkalis, as well as detergents and oils/fats, alcohols, and aliphatic hydrocarbons.  ASA is unstable against many esters, ethers, and ketones –  the presence of such chemicals can cause surface swelling and stress cracks.

Areas of Application:

ASA is often used for weather resistant building components, as well as for electrical appliances (coffee machines or vacuum cleaners) that require a high temperature resistance.  This material has also demonstrated long-term durability when used for sport and recreational applications, as well as for exterior automobile parts.


Like many styrene-polymerisates, ASA is predominately processed through injection molding, but can also be extruded (film sheets).  Heating elements and rotational friction welding are possible, however, ultrasonic and high-frequency welding are typically not.      

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