GEPA – global engineering plastics alliance

In order to better support OEM and Tier 1 customers with their need for global service and worldwide availability, we are proud to say that we are a part of the Global Engineering Plastics Alliance (GEPA) . After a long planning and preparation phase, the first global projects with our partners are up and running. Because of the successful start-up of these projects, there are already plans for future projects to start within the next 2 years.

In Asia, we have been working for several years with the Guangzhou Skyjoy Chemical Co. Ltd., based in Guangzhou, China. This young Chinese company specializes in the business of plastics and chemicals, has an import and export license for China, and has a branch in HongKong. Guangzhou Skyjoy has strategically located warehouses in Shanghai (in the east of China), in Guangzhou (south of China), we well as in Hong Kong.

In the NAFTA Region, ClickPlastics AG cooperates with PolySource LLC in Kansas City, Missouri.  PolySource has their focus in the areas of application development, process support, and warehousing.  Greg Jacobson, President & CEO of PolySource, describes a three pronged approach to customer support:  a highly technical sales development team, a technical support staff with polymer and processing expertise, and logistics excellence with over 20 years of experience in importing raw materials to multiple warehouse locations.  This North American Partner has been working together with molders and OEM´s from the US and Mexico for almost 25 years and has the capability to support ClickPlastics AG in all relevant areas.

"We began working towards this partnership more than 5 years ago.  The idea to start working with global partners and build an international cooperation was not an overnight decision – we took the time that was necessary to build up the right partnerships and to ensure that this cooperation would be a long-term and well-thought out one.  As a result of this, we are now able to not only deliver to customers globally but because of our technically skilled network with partners in various countries, we are also able to locally support customers.  One of the many benefits that our customers have gained from this is transparency and the improvement of communication – our key account team is always in communication with all parties involved, which means that we are always informed and up-to-date, as are our customers.”  said CMO Ralf Eberle from  ClickPlastics AG.


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