PA (Polyamide)

Due to their excellent properties, polyamides are an interesting engineering plastic for many applications, despite limitations due to strong moisture sensitivity.  For example, moisture can cause the increase of flexibility and toughness but at the same time a decrease in hardness and strength.  In addition, volume changes occur, which in turn cause dimensional changes.

  • High mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal resistance
  • Impact strength, wear resistance, vibration-isolating, and good sliding and running properties
  • Good coloration properties
  • Water absorption through diffusion (for example, humidity)
  • Good resistance against oils, fats, and lubricants
  • PA6 and PA66 are cold resistant up to -30°C and have a continuous operating temperature of +105°C, PA66 max. +120°C
  • PA11 and PA12 demonstrate low temperature resistance up to -50°C and have a continuous operating temperature up to +80°C

According to the number of polar amide groups in the carbon chain, polyamides can be classified into four main types:  PA6, PA66, PA11, and PA12.

Areas of application are gears, bearings, sliding elements, blow molding parts, piping, profiles, and fibers and textiles.


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